The Vietnam Poultry Association has just organized a webinar for members and poultry farms across the country to identify and deal with avian influenza.

The Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, and it is not possible to directly share husbandry techniques and disease prevention, so the webinar was identified by the Vietnam Poultry Association as an effective solution. to provide technical solutions to members and poultry farmers throughout the country.

PhD Nguyen Thanh Son, Chairman of the Vietnam Poultry Association, said that H5N1 bird flu appeared in Vietnam from 2003 to 2004 and even spread to humans. At that time, because there was no specific vaccine, the disease caused serious consequences to the domestic livestock industry.

After the vaccine, the poultry industry has grown strongly over the years. Currently, according to domestic and foreign studies as well as the Official Gazette of the Department of Animal Health (MARD), the circulation of avian influenza virus strains in Vietnam is in two main subgroups.

It is a group of low-virulence influenza viruses (LPAI), notably the H9N2 virus and the highly pathogenic virus group (HPAI).

With this group, H5N1 continues to circulate with clade such as, 1.1. Besides, there are also many strains, and new virus combinations such as H5N6 with and clade, causing high mortality in chickens.

In particular, at the beginning of July 2021, the Department of Animal Health announced that a new strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N8 appeared in Vietnam.

In the world, avian influenza virus A/H5N8 has been studied and recorded mainly in clade, while in Vietnam, there are also further studies to clarify the characteristics and extent of damage of the new strain.

With the rapid change and creation of new combinations and strains, avian influenza is still a threat to poultry production, because each time a new virus strain appears, it causes tremendous damage. large, because usually the research and preparation of vaccines will take time in years.

Necropsy to determine the lesion of the disease

At the workshop, experts and farms also discussed effective methods of using vaccines in the prevention of avian influenza on new strains. In particular, the role, usage, vaccination schedule, and application of the medivac AI vaccine in the control of avian influenza are highly appreciated in the current situation.

PhD Budi Purwanto, Medion Technical Director from Indonesia, an international expert on avian diseases in general and influenza in particular, clearly shared the characteristics of avian influenza, updating the latest information on avian influenza. pathogenic strains, and disease situations in Vietnam and in the world.

The seminar was really heated when there were many questions from the attendees about the current situation of avian influenza in Vietnam, which showed the great interest of farms in the prevention and control of influenza in Poultry.

The questions were answered by experts, especially PhD Budi Purwanto, enthusiastically, in detail and appropriate to each specific case of enterprises and farms in Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam agricultural newspaper

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