Compositions: Each 1 kg contains:

Bacillus spp (min) 10CFU
Excipients ad 1 kg

Dosage form:



GOOD FARM extra contains essential oil, special minerals and probiotics has a strong ability to absorb moisture to help dry the barn airy, clean, and reduce the growth of pathogens.
Newborn Piglets: Helps piglets dry faster after birth and get stronger, reach the mother’s udder earlier, to suckle colostrum earlier. Using GOOD FARM extra helps reduce the percentage of piglets that are dead, weak and culled in the first 48 hours. Using Safe Guard Piglet in the farrowing litter helps to reduce pathogens, and reduce digestive disorders in piglets.
Sows: Disinfect the vulva after birth, dry the discharge, calm down sows, contributing to prevent Metritis, Mastitis.
Pork, cattle, poultry: Reduces organism growth and ammonia through humidity control, control odour contributed to preventing digestive and respiratory problems, anti-stress, anti cannibalism.

Dosage and administration:

Rub the powder all over the piglet’s body right after birth: 1 kg/1-2 piglet.
Sprinkle the floor of the barn, rub into the vulva and posterior body of the sow after farrowing
Sprinkle the floor of the barn or spray it on the air: 1 kg/10-20 m2

Withdrawal time:



Sachets 1 kg


Medion Viet Nam

Chemical Structure


Kind of Animal

Cattle, Other, Poultry, Swine

Type of Preparative

Antiseptic, Supplement


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