Compositions: Each 1 gram contains:

Paracetamol 200 mg
Excipients ad 1 gram

Dosage form:

Water Soluble Powder


Alleviation of pain, antipyretic, support treatment of infection disease, high fever caused by virus infection.
Reduce symptoms of sunstroke, heat stress, anti-stress due to transport, cannibalism or high density.

Dosage and administration:

Oral administration via drinking water or feed
Poultry, duck, quail: 1g/1-2 litres drinking water, for 3-5 hours/ day.
Swine: 1.5 g/10 kg B.W/day.
In case of high fever: Decolvet can be given 2-3 times/day until body temperature recovers as normal.

Withdrawal time:



Bottle 10 grams, 100 grams, 1 kg


Medion Viet Nam

Chemical Structure

Water soluble powder

Kind of Animal

Poultry, Swine

Type of Preparative

Other, Supplement


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