Compositions: Each 1 gram contains:

Sulfaclophenicol 300 mg
Excipients ad 1 gram

Dosage form:

Water Soluble Powder


Treatment of Coccidiosis in poultry due to infection with Eimeria spp., fowl typhoid due to infection with Salmonella gallinarum and fowl cholera due to infection with Pasteurella multocida.

Dosage and administration:

Oral administration via drinking water or feed, for 3-5 days
Chicken Coccidiosis treatment: 1g/1 liter drinking water or 100 g/500 kg B.W follow program 3 days of medicine treatment – 2 days stop – continue the treatment for 3 days.
Swine: 20 g/100 kg B.W. for 3-5 consecutive days.

Withdrawal time:

Meat: 14 days; Egg: 11 days


Sachets 20 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams


Medion Viet Nam

Chemical Structure

Water soluble powder

Kind of Animal

Poultry, Swine

Type of Preparative

Anti Parasites


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