Compositions: Each bottle contains:

Ceftiofur 1 gram
Diluent bottle 100 ml

Dosage form:

Powder for injection


Cattle: Treatment of bovine respiratory disease (shipping fever, pneumonia) associated with Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Haemophilus somnus, foot rot, pododermatitis.
Sheep, goat, horse: Treatment of respiratory infections, pneumonia.
Swine: Treatment of respiratory disease, pneumonia associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida.
Dogs: Treatment of canine urinary tract infections associated with Escherichia coli and Proteus mirabilis.

Dosage and administration:

Dilute 1g powder with 100ml diluent.
Poultry, ducks: IM or SC injection:1ml / 2kg B.W/ day, for 3 days
Chicks: SC injection: 1 ml/60 – 150 day-old chicks
Cattle (IM or SC injection), goats, sheep, horses (SC): 1ml/ 10kg B.W/ day,for 3-5 days
Swine(IM): 1ml/ 2-3 kg B.W /day, for 5-14 days.

Withdrawal time:

Meat: 4 days; Milk: 0 day.


Bottle 1 gram, 5 gram


Medion Viet Nam

Chemical Structure

Powder for injection

Kind of Animal

Cattle, Other, Pet, Poultry, Swine

Type of Preparative



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